BRANZ Appraised Manthorpe Products not ventilating your roof cavity can and does lead to wet hazardous roof cavities Blue Building Solutions not ventilating your roof cavity can and does lead to Damp and Mould or an unhealthy, poisonous living environment Blue Building Solutions

Vent applies an internationally recognized basic principle, the HIV rule:
If you Heat and Insulate and you don’t Ventilate, you will Condensate!!!!

Research shows that in todays energy conscious society internal moisture & condensation in the roof space is a widespread problem across New Zealand. Weather tightness requirements and the widespread use of heating sources, double glazing and insulation can cause a temperature differential between living space and the cold air outside. Warm air, carrying high levels of water vapour, is drawn by a process of convection to cold areas of the building including the roof void. If there is insufficient ventilation the water vapour condenses, leading to rotting timbers, the rusting of metal fixtures, underlay damage, saturated insulation and mould growth.

How can we help?

To solve this costly and unhealthy problem, Vent supplies a wide range of Passive Ventilation systems and products suitable for residential and commercial buildings, new build or refurbishment projects, that provide continuous airflow into a building. This eliminates internal moisture and prevents condensation and mould from forming.

Roof Pitches

There are many product options which will provide passive ventilation for new build and existing homes. Our Roof Pitches page will help you get the information you need to make an informed decision about ventilating your roof

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