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Drop Down Loft Access Door – GL250

Push up Loft Access Door - GL260

Drop Down Loft Access Door – GL250 Description
The Manthorpe GL250 drop down loft door is an innovative solution to the need for energy efficient loft space access, offering a cost effective alternative to traditional roof space access. The unobtrusive design coupled with sleek, contemporary styling makes the door an ideal match for modern decors. The revolutionary design of the multi-point catch mechanism means that the Manthorpe GL250 door can maintain a more effective draught seal around the entire accessible opening, helping to meet the air leakage requirements and preventing the problem of moist warm air entering the roof space causing condensation and heat loss issues.

Push up Loft Access Door - GL260 Description
The range of Manthorpe GL260 Push Up Loft Access Doors provide a modern alternative to the traditional timber frame ‘push up’ loft hatch. The historic wooden board and surround is replaced with an unobtrusive and cost effective plastic moulding with integral catches and draught seals. The catches lock the door in position but also help to pull the door down onto the draught seal to prevent air leakage between the door and frame, an additional seal also prevents leakage between the frame and ceiling. The back of each Manthorpe GL260 door is thermally insulated to prevent heat loss into the loft space. The door and frame have been designed with the aesthetic appearance of th modern home in mind and finished with a lightly textured surface that can be easily cleaned with a solvent free damp cloth. Alternatively the Manthorpe GL260 can be painted to match interior decor.

Drop Down Loft Addess Door – GL250
Push up Loft Access Door - GL260