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Established in 2010 by Tim Dorrington and James Johnston, Blue Building Solutions Ltd trading as VENT is the leading New Zealand specialist in the supply of passive ventilation systems and products. Our systems are structured and specifically tailored for New Zealand buildings and the extreme climatic conditions. VENT was created as a direct result of the misconception that the ‘Leaky Homes’ disaster that gripped New Zealand was caused solely by external moisture penetration and product failure. With years of international building experience and knowledge, it was clear to VENT that the issues New Zealand was facing were so much more. Our pre-occupation with making homes increasingly more weather tight over the last few decades has prevented our buildings from breathing and it is clear now in hindsight that the importance of ventilation was being overlooked. This oversight has been a flaw in our building code and as a result, our building designs have resulted in tens of thousands of homes being built without the ability to ‘breath’ which in turn has led to our buildings being susceptible to condensation and internal moisture issues.

In 2012, VENT joined forces with like-minded organisations who recognised the importance of ventilation and the long term impact of not ventilating our buildings. Together with organisations such as the Metal Roofing Manufacturers Association of New Zealand and BRANZ, Vent has lobbied for change and ensured that New Zealand has been introduced to international best building practice with regard to solving internal moisture in our buildings. Our systems and products are tried, tested and designed to avoid compromising the thermal envelopes of our buildings.

Condensation build up in roof space

Over a period of time, Canada, America, Europe and the United Kingdom have all designed and built focussing solely on weather tightness without ventilation which lead to inevitable internal moisture issues. Consequently they have all previously suffered what is commonly known in those countries as ‘sick home syndrome’. Realising the impact of purely focussing on weather tightness, these countries resolved their ‘sick home syndrome’ by introducing calculated and balanced ventilation into their building design and condensation is now under control. Simply put, one basic principle is applied, which we refer to as the HIV Rule:

If you Heat and Insulate and you don’t Ventilate, you will Condensate!!!!

Applying this rule, it is VENTs mission is to see the quality of New Zealand buildings improve significantly by simply allowing our buildings to breathe again. It is essential that buildings achieve balanced airflow through both the habitable and non habitable areas of the building before they can start to be considered as a Healthy Home or working environment.

like-minded organisations

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