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There are many product options which will provide passive ventilation for new build and existing homes. As this is a relatively new concept to New Zealand, we have recommended the following range of product options as a simple and effective guideline.

The products have been selected to achieve the recommended airflow for roof pitches above 15° (10,000mm2 lin/m) and below 15° (25,000 mm2 lin/m).

Product Range

Eaves Vent - EV25

Circular Soffit Vents - G700

Over Fascia Vent 10mm - G1200N

Eaves Comb Filler - G1275

Over Fascia Vent 25mm - G2500N

Ridge Vent - RV10P

Vented Batten - VB20

Roll Panel Vent - G502

Ventilated Apron Batten – AB20


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Over Fascia Vent - GL2500N

Over Fascia Vent - GL2500N

The Manthorpe Over Fascia Vent is the most practical and cost efficient method of ventilating the Eaves. The common alternative for eaves ventilation is the continuous soffit strip vents but the labour intensity of this method far outweighs the installation ease of installing the Over Fascia Ventilator.

The Manthorpe G2500N Over Fascia Ventilator is designed to discreetly ensure a positive airflow into the roof space between the roof membrane and the fascia board, making it ideal for new build and re-roofing situations. It can also be fitted in a mono roof abutment detail. The Manthorpe G2500N consists of evenly spaced opening specifically sized to prohibit large insects gaining access but wide enough not to be blocked by debris, paint or water droplets.

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Manthorpe Products

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