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One of the major problems experienced by today’s energy conscious society is the build up and subsequent effects of significant levels of condensation in the roof space. This problem is caused by the lack of adequate ventilation to the roof void.

Below is quick reference to the Guarantees, Technical Statements, Information Sheets and CAD/DXG drawings to help you with any information that you may need to eliminate these levels of condensation.
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Circular Soffit Vents - G700

Eaves Comb Filler - G1275

Eaves Vent EV25

Drop Down Loft Addess Door – GL250

Push up Loft Access Door - GL260

Over Fascia Vent 10mm - G1200N

Over Fascia Vent - G2500N

Ridge Vent – RV10P

Roll Panel Vent - G502

Ventilated Batten – VB20

Ventilated Apron Batten – AB20

Ventilated Apron Batten – AB20


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